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Most of the photographers print their digital images straight onto plexiglass, aluminium or paper with a Deskjet or laser printer. Myrna chooses consciously a more sustainable analogue (traditional) printing process.

The digital images are first enlarged via a projector and then traditionally printed on photo paper in a dark room. Then the photos are glued between high-quality anti-reflex glass and Dibond

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 15.37.06.png
Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 15.37.13.png

Picture behind glossy glass

Picture behind anti-reflex

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 15.39.20.png

The image comes from a high-resolution digital professional Full Frame or Mid Frame Photo Camera.


The Photo Lab uses an advanced analogue printing process with the latest high-standard LED lighting technology to enlarge the image. The prints are developed in a darkroom applying the traditional chemical process to print on photo paper and to ensure the stability of the colours used.


These prints offer the largest colour spectrum, maximal density for deep black shades and excellent colour saturation. Moreover, the photos show a higher dynamic range, better colour transitions and accuracy and highlights are better controlled.


The photo itself will be glued behind anti-reflex or Museum HD glass. This takes away most reflection from the photo and reduces reflection from outside, spotlights etc.

Then the glass including the photo is glued on Dibond (two aluminium panels with a forex panel glued between those two panels) to ensure solidity and durability.


This traditional advanced analogue printing technique is much more durable than the latest Deskjet and Laserjet digital printing technologies.


In other words, the applied analogue printing technology results in top-quality photo presentations used by Global Musea and high-end Art Galleries.

* Paper type: Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type DPII / 220 grams
* Edit: Photo glued behind plexiglass matt or Museum HD / 3mm
* Finish: glued on Dibond / 3 mm
* Including robust hanging system
* Frame is of your own choice, not needed
golden tusks 3.png

Picture 'Golden Tusks' 130x80 cm

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